Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

At Bay Area Injury Rehab Specialists we offer a non-surgical approach to treating your pain without causing you any. Dr. Shepard, along with his licensed physical and massage therapists, will provide a plan of care that is created specifically for each patient’s particular injuries. Each of our facilities provides a full therapy department complete with passive therapy modalities, which include:
•    Spinal Decompression
•    Cervical and Lumbar Extension
•    Injection Therapy
•    Spine and Disk Therapy
•    Physical Therapy
•    Laser Therapy
•    Electrical Muscle Stimulation
•    Ultrasound
•    Massage Therapy
•    Neuromuscular testing and rehabilitation using the Biodex

Triton DTS Traction System


Spinal Decompression is used to create a distractive force to relieve pressure on the nerve roots by taking pressure off the discs and joints therefore enhancing the natural healing process by increasing circulation, increasing mobility, and decreasing inflammation. The device we use is called the Chattanooga Triton DTS traction system. This procedure is becoming widely regarded as an effective approach to treating disc problems, spinal stenosis, disc degeneration, and sciatica. During the session, the patient will experience several cycles of stretch and relaxation. Many individuals benefit greatly with a few sessions. This procedure can also be used for maintenance of non-disc conditions for generalized stretching. DTS Therapy is a leading non-surgical alternative to surgery. You may have relief of chronic debilitating low back or neck pain, which may shoot pain into the legs, buttocks and arms. The DTS Therapy is helping thousands of people, who just like you, thought they would never eliminate the pain associated with simple tasks, such as getting out of a chair or up and out of bed. No drugs are involved and no serious side effects have been reported with DTS Therapy.

Med-X Cervical & Lumbar Extension


Med-X Medical Equipment is the "Gold Standard" for lumbar and cervical testing and rehabilitation. Studies have shown that Med-X can reduce surgeries and eliminate back pain! The Med-X Medical Lumbar has been featured in over 60 medical journals and is considered the premier lumbar testing and rehabilitation device.

The Med-X machines have been clinically proven to be extremely effective in the treatment of chronic back and neck pain. While many physical therapy providers have "low back" or "neck" exercise machines that claim to strengthen the back and neck muscles, clinical research has proven that these machines actually strengthen the hamstrings and gluteus muscles or the upper back and shoulder muscles instead. The Med-X machines allow our therapists to test both a patient's existing muscle strength and conditioning, and help him or her recondition their muscles--both in their lower spine and/or their cervical spine. These are highly advanced tools not normally found in most spinal rehabilitation settings.


Cervical Extension

  • Proven solution for patients who suffer from neck pain and/or headaches
  • Highly reliable for cervical extension strength testing and dynamic variable resistance training
  • Isometric testing can be performed every 3° through the normal 126° range of motion

Lumbar Extension

  • Provides resistance over a full range of isolated lumbar motion, or over a selected limited range
  • Isometric testing may occur every 3° within a patient’s range of motion
  • MedX software plots a strength curve to compare the patient’s strength and range of motion to established norms
  • Stored energy can be assessed and factored out at each angle tested

Ultrasound is a therapeutic treatment using high frequency sound waves administered in the region of the injury that helps treat soft tissue inflammation by increasing blood flow, reducing swelling and edema, breaking down scar tissue, and promoting bone fracture healing.
Electrical Muscle Stimulation or EMS is an effective micro massage for your muscles by reducing inflammation and providing pain relief.

LiteCure –LCT 1000 Deep Tissue Laser 



LiteCure (LCT-1000) Class IV Deep Tissue Laser is FDA approved and can be used alone or in addition to our other treatment modalities in treating pain associated with:

Neck & Back Pain
Carpal Tunnel
Cubital Tunnel
Vertebral Disc Injuries

Wrist & Hand Pain
Muscle & Joint Pain
All Soft Tissue Injuries
Knee Injuries
Shoulder  Injuries

What makes the LiteCure Laser so valuable in treating pain is that it increases blood flow to the injured traumatized area, thus improving oxygenation, removes toxins, promotes healing as well as reduces inflammation. Laser treatment takes no longer than 15 minutes to the injured area and is painless.


Biodex2biodexThe Biodex System continues to offer pioneering breakthroughs in neuromuscular testing and rehabilitation technology. Biodex assessments of physical impairments provide patients a fast, effective, documented return to function. The Biodex System is unusually sensitive to the patient's limits. Progressive and interactive features are documented and stored to record progress. Dynamic and static muscle loading environments provide unlimited combinations of technique and application.

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Common Injuries

We treat the following injuries and more...

• Auto Injuries
• Neck & Back Injuries
• Soft Tissue Injuries
• Headaches
• Acute Pain
• Muscle Joint Pain
• Herniated Lumbar Cervical Discs